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JuzoPro Orthoses for stabilisation and relief

High wearing comfort and ease of use

JuzoPro orthoses provide stabilisation, relief and guidance for affected or injured joints. They are precisely tailored to the treatment requirements and can be individually adjusted. With JuzoPro orthoses, a specific movement can be restricted or adjusted with utmost precision. 

Our products have been developed for a variety of treatment requirements and can effectively support the sustainable, indication-specific treatment success. JuzoPro orthoses combine precise craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technical expertise and ease of use.

Life – solutions for every requirement
All Juzo Life orthoses are highly adjustable, making them perfect for use in emergencies and for acute treatment. 

Xtra – extra technology and functionality 
Juzo Xtra orthoses stand out thanks to their extra technological dimension. They combine top-quality and innovative materials with special processing methods in order to provide maximum comfort and performance.


JuzoFlex supports guide your affected joints in an anatomically correct way and thereby support them during movements. 

All products
Life Xtra
JuzoPro Malleo Light

Ankle orthosis with a shell construction
Art. 7008

JuzoPro Malleo

Ankle orthosis with innovative padding system
Art. 7009

JuzoPro Malleo Strong

Ankle orthosis with an open construction
Art. 7007

JuzoPro Immo 0° / 20° / 20° Plus

Knee immobilisation splints with varying flexion angles
Art. 7105 / 7106 / 7106-Plus

JuzoPro Genu Soft

Soft knee orthosis for stabilisation
Art. 7108

JuzoPro Genu TT

Knee orthosis for mobilisation
Art. 7104

JuzoPro Lumbal Light

with four stabilisation rods
Art. 1632 

JuzoPro Lumbal

with sacrum pad
Art. 1633

JuzoPro Lumbal Plus

with sacral pad and additional stabilisation rods
Art. 1634

JuzoPro Lumbal Strong

with three-point cross strap system and four removable stabilisation rods
Art. 1635

JuzoPro Cervical collar support

Relieves the cervical spine
Art. 7301 / 7302

JuzoPro Manu

Wrist orthosis for stabilisation in three movement directions
Art. 7603

JuzoPro Manu Palmar

Wrist orthosis for stabilisation in two movement directions
Art. 7604

JuzoPro Digitus

Finger orthosis
Art. 7701

JuzoPro Rhizo Soft

Thumb orthosis for stabilising the carpometacarpal and metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb
Art. 770S

JuzoPro Rhizo

Thumb orthosis for immobilising the carpometacarpal, metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint
Art. 7700

JuzoPro Epi

Epicondylitis brace
Art. 7502

JuzoPro Epi TT

Elbow orthosis for mobilisation
Art. 7501

Juzo Heel lift cushion

Silicone heel pad for correcting leg length differences
Art. 9661

Juzo Heel spur cushion

Silicone heel pad with soft spot
Art. 9662