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JuzoPro Epi TT

Elbow orthosis for mobilisation
Art. 7501

JuzoPro Epi TT

Elbow orthosis for mobilisation
Art. 7501

Stable support for the elbow

The JuzoPro Epi TT elbow orthosis is suitable both for immobilisation and early mobilisation of the elbow. Thanks to the two hinges on the orthosis, both the range of extension and flexion of the elbow can be set in 15° increments.
For optimum stability of the orthosis, it has been equipped with two joint splints and four inelastic straps. Together these ensure the support is comfortable to wear, and this comfort can be increased further by an individually adjustable neck strap that supports the arm. To prevent pressure sores and irritation of the skin, the Juzo Epi TT is provided with skin-friendly padding. It is also possible to remove the stabilising splints or shape them as required. A secure hold can be this comfortable.

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  • Two hinges, adjustable in 15° increments
  • Two joint splints and four inelastic, circumferential straps for optimum stability and wearing comfort
  • Easy-to-apply orthosis
  • Individually adjustable neck strap to support the arm
  • Removable stabilising splints to tailor the support to the medical indication
  • Skin-friendly padding for maximum wearing comfort



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