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Trend Colours

Juzo Trend Colours – friendships make life more colourful

Bring more colour into your life with the people who mean the most to you: the current Juzo Trend Colours were designed precisely with this in mind. What are you waiting for? Embrace freedom and share your zest for life with friends with the colours Blue Love, Violet Truth and Pink Soul!

Show your colours for friendship

After all, without friends, life would be dull and boring. Friends make you laugh, give you warmth and share the best times with you. With the Trend Colours, Juzo is celebrating friendship and making your life colourful and bright with compression garments.

You never ask where I’m going:
you always walk alongside me.

Friends forever

The Trend Colours radiate like a true friendship. The bright tones express your zest for life as you enjoy time with your friends. Discover your new favourite shade that makes you feel absolutely amazing.

The Juzo Trend Colours are not only as unique and distinctive as your friends, but just as extravagant too: Blue Love, Violet Truth and Pink Soul.

It is often people’s different character traits that make a friendship so special, and the same goes for the Batik collection. The interplay of the colours and the unique Batik pattern create something that is versatile and distinctive.

Trend Colours will be available in solid colours or in a Batik pattern* from February 2020. 
Circular knit garments are available as compression stockings and pantyhose for Juzo Inspiration, Juzo Spirit and Juzo Soft (Juzo Soft: also as sleeves). Trend Colours in flat knit are available in all compression garments for Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Strong.  

*Batik Collection only for leg and arm products except Juzo Expert Strong. 

Juzo Trend Colour Blue Love

“Show a little love” with your compression stockings in the Trend Colour Blue Love, because  real friends are the people who know everything about you and love you just the way you are.

No matter what happens, true friends stay by your side and are always there to offer a listening ear.

A man with man’s best friend, wearing compression garments in Blue Love

Juzo Trend Colour Violet Truth

Forget all about the world around you for once and go for broke with someone you can trust.

Celebrate mutual understanding and trust with your compression stockings in the Trend Colour Violet Truth, because these are amongst the most precious gifts you can give someone.

Friends look at pictures together in compression garments in Violet Truth and Pink Soul

Juzo Trend Colour Pink Soul

The beauty of joy is that it doubles when you share it.

Let yourself be inspired by the joyfulness of the Trend Colour Pink Soul and enjoy the best times with the people who are most important to you.

Friends sit on a swing in their compression garments in Violet Truth and Pink Soul

Compression garments by Juzo and the new Trend Colours mean that limitless friendship can be colourful! Share your zest for life with your friends with the colours Blue Love, Violet Truth and Pink Soul!

Curious? Look for the compression product matching your Trend Colour.

Woman wearing a Juzo Inspiration compression garment

Juzo Inspiration

Lifestyle combined with an elegant design.

 woman with dog

Juzo Spirit

A fine and elegant look.

A woman wearing Juzo Soft stockings is travelling with her business partner

Juzo Soft

Super soft for feel good moments.

Two women chatting in a sewing room

Juzo Expert

Pleasantly soft for an individually tailored treatment.

Juzo Expert Strong

Juzo Expert Strong

Reliable and strong garments for lymphology.

Are you looking for subtle colours for your compression garments? Then our Fashion Colours will be perfect for you! Find more information about our colourful compression stockings here.

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Due to the manufacturing process, the darker colour predominates during Batik colouring.