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Trend Colours 2019

The 2019 Juzo Trend Colours – you’ll always strike the right tone

Celebrating life in colour: that’s what Juzo wants to help you do with its six new 2019 Trend Colours. Blue Groove, Violet Sound, Pink Bass, Coral Melody, Green Beat and Yellow Tune will liven up your compression garments, giving you a hermonious appearance. 

Melodious colour composition

Turn every moment into something special, something you will remember forever. Loud and exciting or preferably quiet and with feeling? You decide what the music of your life should sound like. Express yourself with your individual style. With the 2019 Trend Colours, Juzo gives colour to music and makes your life wearing compression garments even brighter. Whether you want to go dancing or enjoy a carefree time with your friends – you will express a zest for life in any case. 

We are celebrating the best thing there is: life itself!

The six 2019 Trend Colours composed for you by Juzo, create real harmony. These exciting colours turn any compression garment into a highlight, making you the star at every party. Choose the tone that suits you and express your personal style. The six new 2019 Juzo Trend Colours are as different as the melodies that life plays for you: Blue Groove, Violet Sound, Pink Bass, Coral Melody, Green Beat and Yellow Tune.

Do you want to climb the scale even higher and sound a two-part harmony? Then choose the Batik Collection that will bring harmony to the new shades with an individually dyed Batik pattern.

Trend Colours will be available in solid colours or in a Batik pattern* from February 2019. 
Circular knit garments are available as compression stockings and pantyhose for Juzo Inspiration and Juzo Soft (Juzo Soft: also as sleeves). Trend Colours in flat knit are available in all compression garments for Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Strong.  

*Batik Collection only for leg and arm products except Juzo Expert Strong  

Juzo Trend Colour Blue Groove

Dance to the beat of the music with your compression stockings in the Trend Colour Blue Groove and let the dancefloor catch fire.

Get caught up in exuberance, just enjoy moving and show how groovy you are with your dance moves.

A woman wearing compression stockings in Blue Groove is playing the tambourine

Juzo Trend Colour Violet Sound

Every instrument sounds different, every sound is unique – just like you!

Show individuality and passion with your compression stockings in the Trend Colour Violet Sound.

You are setting the tone, making every moment unforgettable.

A woman is sitting on a chair, looking at her compression stockings in Violet Sound

Juzo Trend Colour Pink Bass

The song starts, then the bass kicks in – you can feel the goosebumps from the first note and a bright smile spreads over your face.

The atmosphere is relaxed and your compression garments show how energetic and bright your life is at first sight.

You’ve chosen the right shade with the Juzo Trend Colour Pink Bass.

A woman wearing compression stockings in Pink Bass is sitting in a music group

Juzo Trend Colour Coral Melody

If the sound of your life was a colour, would it be the Trend Colour Coral Melody?

It displays the cheerful aspects of life, spreading a carefree attitude.

This shade harmoniously flatters your legs, making you shine in your compression garments. 

A woman wearing compression stockings in Coral Melody is playing the tambourine

Juzo Trend Colour Green Beat

Your feet are tapping along to the beat and your favourite song puts a smile on your face.

Everything around you will shine when you choose your compression stockings in the Trend Colour Green Beat, proving that you set the tone when it comes to style.

Feel the rhythm and be free!

A woman wearing compression stockings in Green Beat is sitting on a carpet

Juzo Trend Colour Yellow Tune

You are in tune with yourself and radiate this fact. With Juzo’s vivid compression garments in the Trend Colour Yellow Tune, you are showing your positive attitude to everyone.

Why not turn up the radio, sing along to your favourite song and spread your good mood to the whole world. 

A woman wearing compression stockings in Yellow Tune is playing the squeeze-box

Experience the background music of the Trend Colours and get carried away by the beat.

Watch the new video now.

Don’t want to lose that catchy tune? Just visit www.johngarner.de and be inspired by the music. 

Curious? Look for the compression product matching your Trend Colour 

Juzo Soft

Make every day more comfortable with this ideal companion on your journey through vein treatment. Enjoy this extra soft compression stocking with a fine microfibre knit. Suitable for women and men.

Juzo Expert

Celebrate life in colour with individual compression products from Juzo. The particularly soft and pleasant knitted fabric brings Freedom in Motion to lipoedema as well as lymphoedema patients.

Juzo Inspiration

The glossy knitted fabric of the Juzo Inspiration will let every woman shine. The elegant look will flatter your legs. Thanks to the optional pregnancy body part, you can also enjoy every day and be relaxed during this special time.

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The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Due to the manufacturing process, the darker colour predominates.