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Relief for your lumbar and cervical spine

Back orthoses and cervical collar supports to counteract pain and misalignments

Back pain is the number one health complaint today and can be extremely debilitating. In collaboration with therapists and medical experts, Juzo has developed special orthoses for optimal stabilisation of your back and the relief of your cervical spine. The orthoses provide relief from whiplash injuries, pain in the neck, lower back or the sacrum and prevent misalignments and can alleviate pain. The JuzoPro Lumbal orthoses are available in different designs: with stabilisation rods (JuzoPro Lumbal Light), with sacral pad (JuzoPro Lumbal), with additional stabilisation elements (JuzoPro Lumbal Plus) or with three-point cross straps (JuzoPro Lumbal Strong).

JuzoPro Lumbal Light

with four stabilisation rods
Art. 1632 

JuzoPro Lumbal

with sacrum pad
Art. 1633

JuzoPro Lumbal Plus

with sacral pad and additional stabilisation rods
Art. 1634

JuzoPro Lumbal Strong

with three-point cross strap system and four removable stabilisation rods
Art. 1635

JuzoPro Cervical collar support

Relieves the cervical spine
Art. 7301 / 7302