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JuzoPro Lumbal Strong from the back

Double cross straps with diverting loops on strap

JuzoPro Lumbal Strong from the back

Double cross straps with diverting loops on strap

Front view of JuzoPro Lumbal Strong

Oblique and normal fastener for every waist type

JuzoPro Lumbal Strong from the side

Diverting loop

Straps can be shortened if necessary

The straps can be shortened as required

Stabilisation rods

Stabilisation rods are pre-shaped, but can be reshaped if necessary

JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec Strong product packaging

JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec Strong product packaging

JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec Strong

with three-point cross strap system and four removable stabilisation rods
Art. 1835

JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec Strong is recommended for use in cases of joint degeneration, incorrect posture and chronic irritation.

Years of incorrect posture, for example a hollow back (lumbar lordosis) or one-sided strain on the lumbar spine, can often lead to degeneration of the intervertebral joints (facet joints) and chronic irritation. More and more people these days are suffering from facet syndrome and similar severe pain. The Lumbal Xtec Strong orthosis has been specifically developed for them.

Double cross straps
The key feature of Lumbal Xtec Strong is the double three-point cross strap system that ensures a uniform pressure over the entire area of the back. The desired level of pressure can be easily set thanks to the special diverting loops. Through the combined action of the straps and the fastening system, it is possible to correct incorrect postures such as hollow back, which can lead to chronic irritation, throughout the entire lumbar spine area (delordosing effect).

Four permanent stabilisation rods
Additional postural correction and stabilisation is provided by four permanent, padded rods. They are pre-shaped, but can be individually adjusted or reshaped if necessary. The breathable comfort knit, specially tailored to the requirements of the wearer, rounds off the comfortable wearing characteristics and optimum fit of the orthosis.

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Product information



  • Different fastening options for various waist types
  • Simple fastening of the orthosis using finger pockets
  • Adjustable support effect thanks to the inelastic tensioning strap
  • Optimum fit
  • Four removable stabilisation rods
  • Strap buckles for better transmission of forces
  • Breathable and skin-friendly Xtra comfort fabric
Especially breathable
Flat knit
Comfort knit
Standard sizes



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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The Xtra fabric as back support

The Xtra fabric 

All Juzo Xtra products provide maximum wearing comfort, for everyday activities as well as sports.

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