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The Juzo Academy

... is your competent contact when it comes to advanced or further training. Our offerings give you and your team the opportunity to deepen your existing knowledge and pursue continued professional development.

Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance to us at Juzo. To achieve this goal, it is important that all people involved in the treatment and care of patients undergo regular further training to ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date. The Juzo Academy offerings are directed towards both novices as well as experienced specialists and managerial staff. As a competent partner, we can help you develop your ideas and achieve the goals you have set yourself!

International symposia


Symposia 2020 & 2021

You or your specialists and therapists would like to add more depth to your knowledge? We would like to invite you to attend the following Juzo Academy Symposia: there are plenty of interesting presentations, workshops and animated discussions to look forward to – register now!

Phlebology, lymphology, scar therapy and orthopaedics – these specialisations require a lot of well-founded knowledge, empathy and ongoing training. Attend round table discussions with clinicians, therapists and specialists from the medical retail sector to gain insights into latest scientific findings.

Reviews of past symposia

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Symposia in 2019

Symposia in 2018

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Symposia in 2017