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Supports for the knee

Stabilise your knee with supports and orthoses

Support your knee joint in case of sprains or strains, after surgery or for particular misalignments. Our knee supports are made from breathable, skin-friendly materials. The optimised compression knit ensures a perfect fit and freedom of movement. Whether for everyday life, sports or work – Juzo provides you with the ideal companion for every knee problem.

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra
JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

Patellar tendon strap
Art. 1813

Genu Xtra Black
JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

Knee support with special stretch zone
Art. 1810

Genu 500 Charcoal
JuzoFlex Genu 500/Genu 505 Comfort

Knee support with patella ring
Art. 3212 / 3212-Comfort

Product image Navy
JuzoFlex Genuaktiv

Knee support with crescent-shaped, asymmetric pads
Art. 3242

Joint splint
JuzoFlex Genu 100

Knee support with bilateral joint splints
Art. 1402

Product image Genu 300
JuzoFlex Genu 300

Knee support with movement-friendly middle knee section
Art. 3022

Product image
JuzoFlex Genu 323

Knee support with bilateral double spiral stays
Art. 3222

JuzoFlex Genu 303, colour Charcoal
JuzoFlex Genu 303

Knee support with movement-friendly knee joint zone
Art. 3062

Genu 320 Charcoal
JuzoFlex Genu 320

Knee support with special knit fabric in the hollow of the knee
Art. 3262

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Knee Pain

Knee pain can have various causes. Get an overview and act accordingly.


A man jogging in the forest wearing a JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

Patella tip syndrome

How you can positively influence the treatment of your patella tip syndrome.

A woman sits on the floor in the gym wearing a knee brace

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

Find out what you can do about the pain and how you can promote the healing process.