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JuzoFlex Patella Xtra patellar tendon support

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra patellar tendon support

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

Centring pad JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra, centring pad 

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra product packaging

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra product packaging

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

Patellar tendon strap
Art. 1813

The best treatment for patella tip syndrome 
The JuzoFlex Patella Xtra is used in the conservative treatment of patella tip syndrome. Its main aims are pain reduction and support of the healing process. The physiological guidance of the patella is improved, helping the patient to regain pain-free movement.  

Patients often don’t wait for patella tip syndrome to heal fully. Since this can take up to 16 weeks, treatment is sometimes prematurely discontinued. This can lead to chronification. That’s why consistent, conservative treatment with the JuzoFlex Patella Xtra and the relevant therapy elements are required for as part of a comprehensive concept.

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Product information



Centring pad 

  • Small nubs exerting a massage effect on the tuberosity of the tibia (tuberositas tibiae) 
  • Larger, raised nubs with a massage and stimulating effect on the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa’s fat pad) 
  • Skin-friendly pad coating 


  • Oblique diverting straps improve the fit without pinching 
  • Two diverting straps ensure ideal centring 


  • Anatomical contours 
  • Ergonomic recess in the back of the knee
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Patella tip syndrome

How you can positively influence the treatment of your patella tip syndrome.

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