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Effective scar treatment

Scar treatment with compression and/or silicone 

Every injury leaves behind marks. Burns and scalding in particular, but also surgical procedures can produce sometimes extensive, unsightly scars. To prevent an overgrowth of scar tissue, it is helpful to apply external compression as soon as the wounds have healed.

Juzo provides you with special compression garments from comfortable materials. We have developed a concept, especially for children (Julius – the little supporter for scar therapy), that is intended to help affected children and their parents through the entire course of treatment and, with the help of child-friendly and funny iron-on patches, encourages them to wear their compression garments. This makes it easier to provide treatment for burns and scalds.

Juzo ScarPrime Seamless

Seamless, postoperative compression products

Art. 9058

Juzo ScarComfort Fine

Soft and robust at the same time

Art. 3011

Juzo ScarComfort Pure

Particularly strong and durable

Art. 3071

Juzo ScarComfort Silver

Compression with antibacterial effect

Art. 3071 SI

Juzo ScarPad

Silicone patch for scar therapy

Art. 9414 / 9410 / 9411 / 9412 

Juzo Silon-TEX®

Medical silicone layer on textile base material