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Trend Colours 2018

For the new you – colourful compression stockings

You are unique. You are wonderful, you are one of a kind – you aren’t perfect – you are who you are!

It is time to paint the world in bright colours! Choose a colour to match your character and make 2018 your year – with the new Juzo Trend Colours.

It really doesn’t matter which colour (or colours) you choose: you will always get a reliable, good-looking and supple companion.

We develop a new, gorgeous colour range for you every year with love and care that will accompany you throughout the seasons and will put a smile on your face every day. 

You can choose from six exciting colours: awesome blue, stunning green, powerful pink, unique taupe, inspiring navy and passionate red.

Every colour, as a single colour or tie-dye*, as a round knit (Juzo Inspiration/Juzo Soft) or flat knit (Juzo Expert/Juzo Expert Strong) will be available as of February 2018.

*except Juzo Expert Strong

Juzo Trend Colour Awesome Blue

You are

... awesome. You’re there when you’re needed. You can be relied on 100%. You are the shoulder to lean on, you give advice, console and motivate. You are the person you can laugh with till it hurts.

You’re game for anything and your only question is “When?” not “Why?”.

Trend Colour Awesome Blue

Juzo Trend Colour Stunning Green

You are

... stunning. You shine from the inside and fill any room with life as soon as you enter. You celebrate life as it comes.

There is always a little something to your character that is best described with one word: WOW!

Trend Colour Stunning Green

Juzo Trend Colour Powerful Pink

You are

... powerful. You are a powerful woman anyone would be proud to have by their side. You embody resolve and courage.

You are confident and don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps, because you consciously choose the path that you feel is right – your own.

Trend Colour Powerful Pink

Juzo Trend Colour Unique Taupe

You are

... unique. You won’t be pigeon-holed, because you are unique. You
don’t follow trends – you create them.

You are a work of art and won’t bend to anyone’s will.

Trend Colour Unique Taupe

Juzo Trend Colour Inspiring Navy

You are

... inspiring. You manage to infect others with your positive attitude and inspire them with your ideas. To you it is the here and now that counts!

You only do what you want to do – because this is your life and your style!

Trend Colour Inspiring Navy

Juzo Trend Colour Passionate Red

You are

... passionate. You radiate energy and joie de vivre. Your personality draws all eyes and you are fascinating to everyone. You are not one to dwell in the shadows.

You love to dance – and usually to your own tune!

Trend Colour Passionate Red
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