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Relief and help for your ankle

Stabilising the ankle with supports

What should be done with an injured ankle? How can the ankle be stabilised? Juzo has developed ankle supports that are medically effective and also comfortable to wear thanks to the perfect knitting technology. Various silicone pads, strap elements and fabric zones ensure an optimal fit, ideal reinforcement and perfect support for your everyday activities as well as sport.

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 1802 

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Strong

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads and additional strap elements
Art. 1803

JuzoFlex Achill Xtra

Achilles tendon support with silicone pressure pad
Art. 1801

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic

Ankle support for the ligaments
Art. 1804

JuzoFlex Malleo 727

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 3082

JuzoFlex Malleo 717

Ankle support
Art. 3512

JuzoFlex Malleo 707

Ankle support
Art. 3022