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The Juzo Magazine

juzo:time is our magazine with current trends and product highlights, tips and first-hand testimonials.

Woman with compression sleeve

New building block in oedema therapy: active patients are in demand

Self-management is becoming increasingly important in oedema therapy. It was therefore included in the 2017 medical guidelines “Diagnosis and treatment of lymphoedema.” 

Julius on his travels

Julius on a big journey

Julius – the little helper for children undergoing scar therapy is travelling places: most recently, Julius accompanied his young friends on exciting adventures and supports adult stem cell donors.

Wedding dress with compression stockings

Wedding with compression

Getting married in compression stockings? This might raise a few eyebrows for some lipoedema patients – but not so for Marlene Urbanik. The 29-year old fashion-obsessed Marlene has taken the plunge and offers a few practical tips for the big day. 

Back exercises

5 exercises for a strong back

You’re home from work, your back is sore – a familiar feeling for most people. But there is something you can do, for example with these five simple exercises that will only take a few minutes to complete. 

Trend colours 2018

Juzo Trend Colours 2018 – because you’re you!

With the motto “Because you’re you!”, Juzo is presenting six new and expressive trend colours for confident women who are determined to follow their own path.

Over hill and dale

Sporting trend trail running: Where the road ends, the fun really begins. Running on narrow trails not only trains your physical endurance, but also your concentration and coordination.

Woman with compression sleeve

First breast cancer, then lymphoedema

Christine Raab suffered a double blow: in November 2014 she had to come to grips with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Then, after surgery and chemo, came the second blow: lymphoedema. But the makeup artist didn't let this get her down...

Woman wearing stocking with silicone border

A blessing for sensitive skin

Wearing compression stockings has never been this comfortable. The new Balance silicone border with its micro-nubs made from skin-friendly silicone has been specially tailored to the requirements of sensitive skin.

Woman jogging

Endurance sport: Faster recovery with compression?

Compression garments are an important topic not only in the field of medicine – athletes have also been discussing their benefits for some time now.

Mountain climber

Fascination in white

Over the last few years, this tranquil sport has gained in popularity. With snowshoes, you can enjoy the untouched winter landscape away from the bustles of the slopes, relax in the process and do something to nourish yourself.

The skiing star Anna Schaffelhuber is the “Best para-athlete in the world”

The six-time world champion received the “Paralympic Sports Award”!

Two people cross-country skiing

Back on track

If you want to get fit or just do more for your health, cross-country skiing could be the perfect endurance sport for you.

SoftCompress bandaging aid

More pressure – but still gentle

The washable and reusable Juzo SoftCompress bandaging aids and compression rolls are a good alternative to synthetic wadding and foam bandages in compression bandaging. 

Woman boxing

As colourful as life itself

Neon colours have a long history of success. As far back as the eighties, Madonna, the queen of pop, danced across the stage in neon leggings, and aerobics icon Jane Fonda wore pink sweat bands for her workouts.

Girl with compression glove with Julius iron-on patch

Julius – the little helper

The treatment of burns or scalds can often  take a long time. Children in particular need a lot of  support to ensure the necessary  compliance for successful healing. 

Contours cyclists

Protect your joints when cycling

Cycling is gaining in popularity – for everyday activities, leisure and holidays. But to enjoy pain-free cycling, you have to adjust your saddle and handlebars to suit your height. This saves energy, increases your comfort and keeps your joints healthy.