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Vein stockings for compression therapy

Light, beautiful legs, thanks to circular knit compression stockings

Vein stockings, i.e. compression stockings that have been made using the circular knit process, are the basis of vein treatment. They are used, for example, in cases of spider veins, varicose veins, thromboses and heavy legs.

For greater Freedom in Motion, Juzo offers a comprehensive selection of different vein stockings that are specifically adapted to your preferences and treatment needs. Enjoy discovering our products:

Lifestyle image Juzo Inspiration
Juzo Inspiration

Lifestyle and design elegantly combined
Art. 2701, 2702, 2781, 2782

Lifestyle image Juzo Soft
Juzo Soft

Super soft for feel good moments
Art. 2001, 2002

Lifestyle image Juzo Move
Juzo Move

Patented knit for easy donning and doffing
Art. 3611, 3612, 3613

Lifestyle image Juzo Adventure
Juzo Adventure

The all-rounder for active men and women
Art. 3521, 3522

Lifestyle Image Juzo Dynamic
Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton)

Reliably durable
Art. 3511, 3512, 3513

Juzo Intenso
Juzo Intenso

The strong stocking with a soft side
Art. 3812, 3813

Juzo Basic pantyhose in Almond
Juzo Basic

Proven quality for everyday life 
Art. 3411, 3412

Lifestyle Image Juzo Ulcer Pro
Juzo Ulcer Pro

The compression stocking system for the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Art. 3073

Lifestyle Image
Juzo Compression Wrap

An adjustable compression system (compression levels 30-60 mmHg)
Art. 6000LF, 6000 LC, 6081

Product image Juzo Ulcer System
Juzo Ulcer System

The efficient system for treating venous leg ulcers
Art. 3573, 2561

Juzo Liner Silver
Juzo Liner Silver

With antibacterial effect, versatile use
Art. 9640

Vein problems are very common and can have many causes. Triggers for phlebological conditions can include genetic predisposition, hormonal changes or a weakness of the connective tissue. Other risk factors such as obesity, smoking or inactivity can be actively combatted by the patient.

Circular knit compression stockings are generally used in vein therapy. They are knitted as a tube and thus do not need to be sewn together after the knitting process. This means vein stockings do not feature seams and have an inconspicuous look.

Furthermore, vein stockings usually have a higher resting pressure than flat knit compression products. The knitted fabric is long-stretch and elastic. Circular knit compression stockings thus try to return to their original state after being stretched. Therefore, the resting pressure generated is exerted during standing or sitting, independent of movement. And those are exactly the situations where liquid pools in the legs because the muscle and joint pump does not support vein function.

Juzo vein stockings are made in Aichach, Bavaria, they are characterised by top quality and set benchmarks when it comes to anatomical fit. All flat knit and circular knit compression stockings are Oeko-Tex certified, skin-friendly and made without silicone or plasticisers.