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What could be the causes of pain?

With every step, our feet, and particularly our ankle joints, have to complete many complex tasks. The feet facilitate a multitude of movements and the ankle is optimally designed for this purpose.

It is characterised by a perfect interplay between bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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To support you in maintaining your health, our “Phlebology” page contains information on venous disorders, how to detect them, whether you may be affected or have a higher risk of being affected.

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Donning and doffing aids

We would like to make your introduction to compression therapy as easy as possible. Therefore we have compiled some useful tips on our donning and doffing aids page.

Lymphatic knowledge

Lymphatic knowledge

Lymphology is the study of the diseases of the lymphatic system and the lymph vessels. Early diagnosis of possible dysfunctions is important due to their serious impact on health.

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In lipoedema, abnormal fat cells are deposited in certain parts of the body. The affected tissue is tender and sensitive to the touch, with a tendency toward haematomas. The lipoedema is mainly found at the buttocks, hips and legs but can also occur on the arms.

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Lymphoedema develops through the accumulation of albuminous fluid in the tissue. The impaired lymphatic system is then not able to sufficiently drain the lymphatic fluid from the tissues.

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Scar therapy

Scar therapy raises many questions, not just for those affected, but also for their family members. As uncertainty can make it more difficult to deal with compression garments, the brochure is intended to help patients understand the importance of compression therapy for the healing of scars.

Back complaints

Back complaints

Some people experience occasional discomfort, others suffer from pain on a daily basis. Pain can be acute or chronic and can affect different areas of the back. You can find out more about back complaints in our brochure.

knee pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain can have various causes. Get an overview and take appropriate action.


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Hand pain

Hand pain can have various causes. Get an overview and get to the bottom of what’s causing it.




Not everyone is familiar with medical terminology, that’s why we have compiled a glossary with a summary of the most important medical terms and their explanations.