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JuzoPro orthoses for your knee

Tailored to your specific requirements

Orthoses are therapeutic aids for the stabilisation of the injured joint. They guide the joint to allow for a specifically determined range of motion – be it to stabilises joint function, completely immobilise the joint or adjust the range of motion with degree-accuracy. JuzoPro orthoses are specifically tailored to the relevant therapeutic requirements and therefore support treatment success.

JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus
JuzoPro Patella Xtec Plus

Orthosis to change the path of the patella
Art. 1812 

1st product image JuzoPro Immo 0°
JuzoPro Immo 0° / 20° / 20° Plus

Knee immobilisation splints with varying flexion angles
Art. 7105, 7106, 7106-Plus

1st product image
JuzoPro Genu Soft

Soft knee orthosis for stabilisation
Art. 7108

1st product image
JuzoPro Genu TT

Knee orthosis for mobilisation
Art. 7104

Information about symptoms

A woman sits on the floor in the gym wearing a knee brace

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)

Find out what you can do about the pain and how you can promote the healing process.