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Additional products for your compression stockings

Good care ensures lasting durability

Juzo accessories are characterised by wearing comfort, quality and ease of use. They will ensure that you can enjoy our products for longer.

As a compression manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, Juzo knows that the right accessories must be simple but effective. Take, for example, the adhesive lotion for secure fastening of compression garments: the adhesive lotion is applied like a roll-on deodorant, ensures a secure hold and can simply be washed off again. Compression can be that simple. For more enjoyment and mobility!

Juzo Special glove

Textile glove with non-slip coating

Art. 9301

Juzo Lymph Lotion

Skin care for lymphoedema, lipoedema and vein problems
Art. 9860

Juzo Adhesive Lotion

Adhesive lotion for a secure hold of knitted compression garments
Art. 9800

Juzo Special Detergent

For medical compression stockings and elastic fabrics
Art. 9000

Juzo Vital Balsam 7

Special skin care for compression therapy
Art. 9830

Juzo Silicone borders

For a secure fit

Juzo ScarPad

Silicone patches
Art. 9414 / 9410 / 9411 / 9412 

Juzo Lymphpads

Effective treatment aid for lymphoedema and lipoedema
Art. 9430 / 9431