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JuzoFlex supports

Comfortable wearing characteristics and optimum support 

JuzoFlex supports provide anatomical guidance for the affected joints and support them during movement. Modern, functional compression knits surround the affected joints and provide surface pressure with a compressive effect. This improves proprioception, compensates for muscular imbalances and stabilises the joint. Integrated silicone pressure pads ensure even pressure distribution, relieve tender areas and provide a massage-like effect resulting from the action of the integrated nubs. 

Life – solutions for every requirement

What makes many supports unique is their customisations and extra options, offering solutions for every requirement and supporting the joint during movement. 

X-Choice – extra technology and functionality

All supports provide a high level of wearing comfort, moisture regulation and breathability, combined with maximum freedom of movement – both in everyday activities and sports. 

Lifestyleimage JuzoPro Manu Xtec Palmar


JuzoPro orthoses provide stabilisation, relief and guidance for affected or injured joints.

All products
Life X-Choice
JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 1802 

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Strong

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads and additional strap elements
Art. 1803

JuzoFlex Achill Xtra

Achilles tendon support with silicone pressure pad
Art. 1801

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra Anatomic

Ankle support for the ligaments
Art. 1804

JuzoFlex Malleo 727

Ankle support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 3082

JuzoFlex Malleo 717

Ankle support
Art. 3512

JuzoFlex Malleo 707

Ankle support
Art. 3022

JuzoFlex Patella Xtra

Patellar tendon strap
Art. 1813

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

Knee support with special stretch zone
Art. 1810

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra STYLE

Knee support in 3 neon colour combinations
Art. 1811

JuzoFlex Genu 500/Genu 505 Comfort

Knee support with patella ring
Art. 3212 / 3212-Comfort

JuzoFlex Genuaktiv

Knee support with crescent-shaped, asymmetric pads
Art. 3242

JuzoFlex Genu 100

Knee support with bilateral joint splints
Art. 1402

JuzoFlex Genu 300

Knee support with movement-friendly middle knee section
Art. 3022

JuzoFlex Genu 323

Knee support with bilateral double spiral stays
Art. 3222

JuzoFlex Genu 303

Knee support with movement-friendly knee joint zone
Art. 3062

JuzoFlex Genu 320

Knee support with special knit fabric in the hollow of the knee
Art. 3262

JuzoFlex Manu Xtra

Wrist support with special stretch zone
Art. 1860

JuzoFlex Wrist support

Slip-on wrist support
Art. 3022

JuzoFlex Epi Xtra

Elbow support with silicone pressure pads
Art. 1850

JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE

Elbow support in 3 neon colour combinations
Art. 1851

JuzoFlex Elbow support

Elbow support with anatomically angled elbow midsection
Art. 3022