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Knee with JuzoFlex Genu Xtra in colour Charcoal

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra, colour Charcoal

Knee with JuzoFlex Genu Xtra in colour Charcoal

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra, colour Charcoal

Knee with JuzoFlex Genu Xtra in colour Black

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra, colour Black

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra comfort zone in the hollow of the knee

Comfort zone in the hollow of the knee

Knee with JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide in colour Charcoal

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide, colour Charcoal

Knee with JuzoFlex Genu-Wide in colour Beige

JuzoFlex Genu-Wide, colour Beige

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra Product packaging

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra product packaging

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

Knee support with special stretch zone
Art. 1810

The all-rounder for everyday life, work and sport

The JuzoFlex Genu Xtra knee support adapts to every movement without losing its shape, thereby providing soothing and therapeutically effective support and relief to the knee joint in everyday life, at work, or during sport. This is made possible by the carefully tailored features of Genu Xtra, for example the breathable, temperature-regulating microfibre fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin, along with the spiral rods incorporated into the sides; in addition, there is a comfort zone at the back of the knee that provides relief and protection to the flexor tendons of the biceps femoris muscle (leg flexor), while the special stretch zone above the patella ring guarantees a crease-free and secure hold – even when the knee is bent at over 90 degrees.

The anatomically-shaped patella ring guides the kneecap during movement while also massaging the surrounding muscles. The features of the Genu Xtra knee support are rounded off by the top and bottom borders that only exert minimal pressure to prevent the fabric from cutting into the skin and also guarantee an optimum therapeutic gradient.

The JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide

The knee support is particularly suitable for people with a larger thigh circumference or softer tissue in the thigh area. To ensure an optimum fit for highly tapered leg shapes, the thigh section of JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide has been specially designed to prevent slipping and constriction. A special feature of the support is the added silicone border, which increases the length of the support.

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  • Xtra comfort: breathable, temperature equalising and skin-friendly microfibre fabric
  • Comfort zone in the hollow of the knee
  • Xtra function: particularly elastic zone above the patella ring
  • Lateral spiral stays and anatomically shaped patella ring
  • JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide: extra wide for patients with large thighs, silicone border for a perfect hold
Juzo quality characteristics of special breathability
Especially breathable
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Flat knit
Juzo quality characteristics of functional zone
Functional zone
Juzo quality characteristics of comfort knit
Comfort knit
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Standard sizes

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The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

The Xtra fabric 

All Juzo Xtra products provide maximum wearing comfort, for everyday activities as well as sports.

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra STYLE

The JuzoFlex Genu Xtra is also available in stylish neon colour combinations.

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