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JuzoFlex Genu 500/Genu 505 Comfort

Knee support with patella ring
Art. 3212 / 3212-Comfort

Particularly flexible range of application

The JuzoFlex Genu 500 knee support combines high wearing comfort with soothing pressure relief of the knee joint. The anatomically shaped patella ring guides the patella and produces an additional massaging effect on the surrounding tissue during movement. This helps to reduce oedemas and effusions more quickly. The special knit fabric in the hollow of the knee prevents constrictions when bending the knee.

The JuzoFlex Genu 505 Comfort also incorporates a soft comfort cushion at the back of the knee. This ensures the all-purpose support is comfortable to wear at all times – even during longer periods of sitting.

The colour Navy is only available in the Comfort version.

Unfortunately not available in the following country:

Product information



  • Anatomically shaped patella ring
  • Bilateral double spiral stays
  • Latex-free
  • JuzoFlex Genu 500: special knit fabric in the hollow of the knee
  • JuzoFlex Genu 505 Comfort: Comfort cushion for the back of the knee
Flat knit
Standard sizes



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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