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JuzoPro Immo 0° / 20° / 20° Plus

Knee immobilisation splints with varying flexion angles
Art. 7105 / 7106 / 7106-Plus

For secure immobilisation of the knee

The JuzoPro Immo 0°, Immo 20° and Immo 20° Plus orthoses guarantee a reliable immobilisation of the knee, for example after meniscus suture repair, or as a substitute for a plaster cast. While the JuzoPro Immo 0° orthosis immobilises the leg at 0°, the JuzoPro Immo 20° secures the leg in a slightly angled position and the stabilising splints are pre-shaped accordingly.

Thanks to the flexible design of the pad system, all three orthosis variants can be adjusted to any leg circumference. Together with the optimally designed strap and splint system, this ensures a highly-configurable individualised fit. All Immo orthoses provide easy postoperative access to the knee as they feature a cutout at the kneecap (patella).

The JuzoPro Immo 20° features an additional popliteal pad that offers additional support to the leg, thereby allowing it to be held comfortably in a 20° position. The JuzoPro Immo 20° Plus securely immobilises the leg at an anatomical angle of 20° – as favoured by more and more physicians.

Thanks to their functional design, all three JuzoPro Immo immobilising splints are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

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Product information



  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Removable and shapeable stabilising splints
  • Patella cutout for easy postoperative access to the knee

JuzoPro Immo 0°

  • Immobilises the knee at 0°

JuzoPro Immo 20°

  • Immobilises the knee in a slightly flexed position
  • Popliteal pad provides additional support to the leg, thereby allowing it to be held comfortably

JuzoPro Immo 20° Plus

  • Immobilises the knee at an anatomical angle of 20°
  • Stabilising splints are pre-shaped at 35°
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