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JuzoPro Manu

Wrist orthosis for stabilisation in three movement directions
Art. 7603

The stable all-round support for the wrist

JuzoPro Manu is an individually shapeable wrist orthosis for a reliable immobilisation of the hand in all three movement directions. It comes with three aluminium splints that are individually removable and can be shaped to the various anatomical regions of the wrist. This ensures an optimum fixation of the back of the hand (dorsal), the inner or concave side of the hand (palmar) and the outer side of the hand (lateral), thereby protecting the joint and eliminating any pressure points or constrictions.
An adaptable, circumferential strap increases the support that the splints already give to the wrist. An elastic tab simplifies putting on and taking off the JuzoPro Manu hand orthosis, even when mobility is restricted. The special material developed by Juzo adds to the high wearing comfort. It is breathable, easy to care for and conforms to the shape of the hand during wearing. You cannot get more individualised protection than that.

Longer version
This wrist orthosis is also available in a longer version.
Standard model approx. 20 cm and longer version approx. 27 cm.

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  • Three removable and individually shapeable aluminium splints (palmar, lateral and dorsal)
  • Adaptable, circumferential strap for increased support of the splints and the wrist
  • Elastic tab simplifies putting on and taking off the hand orthosis
  • Breathable and easy-care materials protect the skin and prevent heat accumulation
  • The unique Juzo special material conforms to the shape of the hand during wearing
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