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Juzo Spirit

Elegant sheen and a subtle look
Art. 2901 / 2902 

Juzo Spirit

Elegant sheen and a subtle look
Art. 2901 / 2902 

Thanks to the fine mesh design, Juzo Spirit is a true visual highlight. This compression stocking is not only characterised by its subtle sheen but also by compelling functional properties. The temperature-regulating knitted fabric is particularly breathable and offers a pleasant skin climate. Owing to its elastic soft toe and particularly smooth border, Juzo Spirit provides a high level of wearing comfort. A real treat for the legs, and the wearer. The body part of the compression tights features a special ribbed structure, meaning the zones around the tummy remain elastic yet ensure a slight shaping effect at the same time. Juzo Spirit offers lot of variety, individuality and vibrancy, thanks to eight standard colours, three radiant Trend Colours, the Dip-Dye Collection with its extravagant colour gradient and the Batik Collection.

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Product information



Soft knit
Functional zone
Circular knit
Especially breathable
Fine mesh fabric
Standard sizes


Poppy seed
Black pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Trend Colours

Trend Colours

Want something out of the ordinary? Well, come and get it! The new Trend Colours will catapult you to a whole new level. As the pop art maxim goes, “everyone has what it takes to be a star”.

So start a cool colour revolution, shock with your style and live your life in technicolour!

Batik Collection

Women wearing the Juzo Batik Collection

The Batik Collection for your compression garments will guarantee you a unique and distinctive appearance. Thanks to the fashionable colouring technique, each item is a real one-off. The Batik Collection is available in numerous Trend Colours and standard colours in the versions Batik with white and Batik with black.

Dip Dye Collection

Dip Dye Collection

Live your creative side with the extravagant colour gradient of the Dip-Dye Collection. Like a watercolour painting, this intricate colouring technique creates a gentle colour gradient. This will lend a colourful touch and artistic highlights to your outfits. The Dip-Dye Collection for your compression garments is available in the colour gradients Blueberry and Poppy Seed.


The product is available as a standard solution (sizes 1 - 6 or XS - XXL) as well as custom-made. Please see the size chart for exact standard size measurements. Measurements should be taken by trained experts.


Instructions for use

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