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Juzo Thorax compression vests

Garments for the upper body and shoulder area
Art. 3021 / 3022

It is often insufficient to use only a compression sleeve to treat the arm. In the case of  oedemas in the shoulder area, it is beneficial to apply compression to the entire upper body as well. The thorax products are custom-made to the individual patient’s measurements with millimetre accuracy.

Thorax compression vests are used to treat oedemas after breast surgery (e.g. for breast cancer), where postoperative oedemas commonly occur in the chest wall, back or arm regions.


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Product information



  • Individual solutions through custom-made garments
  • Optimal air circulation through perforated underarm area
  • Innovative 3D knitted fabric in bra cups
  • Controlled compression
  • Optimal skin protection
  • Ointment proof
UV protection
Flat seams
With silver


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