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Compression garments for the lower limb

Whether sleeves, gloves or compression garments for the head and thorax: tailored solutions are the key to an effective treatment and making movement more enjoyable. Their fine mesh and soft fabric, and their comfortable wearing characteristics are sure to impress you.

Lifestyle image Juzo Soft
Juzo Soft

Super soft for feel good moments
Art. 2001, 2002

Lifestyle Image Juzo Dynamic
Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton)

Reliably durable
Art. 3511, 3512, 3513

Woman sitting on sofa with a cup in her hand
Juzo Classic Seamless

Seamless compression for lymphology
Art. 2301, 2302

Product image - Juzo compression sleeve
Juzo Compression sleeves

For effective oedema treatment of the arms
Art. 3021, 3022, 3023, 3051, 3052, 3053

Product image - Juzo compression glove with open fingers
Juzo Compression gloves

Individual, custom-made garments for oedema therapy of the hands
Art. 3021, 3022, 3051, 3052

Juzo Expert Seamless with open fingers
Juzo Expert Seamless compression glove

Seamless finish and high effectiveness
Art. 3021, 3022 

Product image - Juzo thorax compression vest with short sleeves
Juzo Thorax compression vests

Tailor-made compression garments for the upper body and shoulder area
Art. 3021, 3022

Product image - Juzo neck and chin compression support
Juzo Head compression garment

The tailor-made oedema treatment for the neck, face and head
Art. 3021

Woman wearing Juzo Compression Wrap
Juzo Compression Wrap

An adjustable compression system (compression levels 30-60 mmHg)
Art. 6000LF, 6000 LC, 6081

Juzo SleepCompress
Juzo SleepCompress

Maintenance therapy while sleeping
Art. 6872