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Juzo Classic Seamless –  The only "complete range" upper limb garment

We have pleasure in letting you know that your current sleeve is being upgraded to a new product which is a seamless flat knitted garment – the Juzo Classic Seamless.

It has all the benefits of your current sleeve plus many extras. The new product has a different sizing chart so please work with us and your therapist to make sure you go into the correct size - which again is great because you should be remeasured every 6 months.

Advantages of Juzo Classic Seamless (Sleeves and Gloves)

  • Available in different versions:  armsleeve / combined armsleeve with gauntlet / combined armsleeve with glove
  • Off the shelf seamless flat knit
  • Perfect fabric for Oedema Control  - soft yet stiff
  • Highly breathable fabric with fast wicking action
  • Thumb webbing is highly breathable
  • Functional stretch zone to allow you to get the garment on or adjust the length (the lines on it)
  • Comfort Elbow
  • Cuttable
  • Perfect finger length
  • 3 Colours - that all match perfectly
  • On prescription
  • Max Sizes

Please speak to your therapist and ask about the Juzo Classic Seamless Sleeve.

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