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Woman in dress wearing Juzo Hostess

Juzo Hostess

Woman in dress wearing Juzo Hostess

Juzo Hostess

Juzo Hostess with lace silicone border in colour Cinnamon

Juzo Hostess with lace silicone border, colour Almond

Juzo Hostess product packaging

Juzo Hostess product packaging

Juzo Hostess

Airy feeling with a translucent look
Art. 2501 / 2502 / 2581 / 2582

Thanks to its unique knit, Juzo Hostess is one of the most breathable products in the fine compression stockings segment. The stocking fibres are treated in a special process that makes the fabric especially permeable to air as well as highly durable. This compression pantyhose, which has been specially developed for larger abdomens, is also an ideal companion during pregnancy.

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Product information



  • Resilient
  • Transparent
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Optimum fit thanks to the special knit used in the body part
  • Seamless with open and closed toe
  • Juzo Hostess is also available with a silicone border
Juzo quality characteristics of special breathability
Especially breathable


Poppy seed
Black pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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