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Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton)

Reliably durable
Art. 3511 / 3512 / 3513

Juzo Dynamic is the ideal circular-knitted stocking for high demands and special requirements. It offers a perfect fit, even during vigorous physical activity. The dense, inconspicuous knit is unobtrusive and at the same time extremely resilient.

Juzo Dynamic Silver and Juzo Dynamic Cotton models of the compression stocking are also available:


Juzo Dynamic Silver (for Art. 3511 / 3512 / 3513)

With antibacterial action to combat skin irritation

Silver has an antibacterial effect, thereby helping to restore the natural balance of inflamed or irritated skin. The continuous knitted-in silver thread in the circular-knitted Juzo Dynamic Silver stocking assists the compression therapy by natural means through its antibacterial effect. This results in a noticeable reduction in itching.

Juzo Dynamic Silver is not available on prescription.


Juzo Dynamic Cotton (for Art. 3511 / 3512)

Especially skin-friendly cotton fabric

The natural cotton fibre perfectly supports the functional characteristic of the Juzo Dynamic Cotton. The comfortable cotton fabric on the inner surface of the stocking is particularly skin-friendly and also feels pleasant on patients with skin irritations and allergies.

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Product information



Juzo Dynamic

  • Dense, inconspicuous mesh design
  • Extremely resilient
  • Pantyhose with light compressive body part
  • Seamless with open and closed toe
  • Juzo Dynamic is also available with a silicone border

Juzo Dynamic Silver

  • Especially recommended for patients with skin irritations
  • Smooth and extremely wear-resistant
  • Seamless with open and closed toe
  • Juzo Dynamic Silver is also available with a silicone border

Juzo Dynamic Cotton

  • High cotton content, extremely skin-friendly
  • Dense, inconspicuous mesh design
  • Smooth and extremely wear-resistant
  • Seamless with open and closed toe
  • Juzo Dynamic Cotton is also available with a silicone border
With cotton
With silver


Poppy seed
Black pepper

Juzo Dynamic Silver is available in Almond.

Juzo Dynamic Cotton is available in Almond and Pepper.

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Instructions for use

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