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Compression systems for decongestion therapy

Effective products to support decongestion

Circumference fluctuations often arise during the decongestion phase at the start of oedema therapy. Adjustable Compression Wraps such as Juzo ACS Light and Juzo Compression Wrap are particularly suitable for this phase. Compared to conventional compression bandages, the Adjustable Compression Wraps are easy for patients to put on by themselves, thus making self-management an option.

Juzo SoftCompress is suitable for providing cushioning and an ideal pressure distribution under the compression garment. Foam channels, which run vertically, have a unique surface structure that boosts the function of the lymph system.

Juzo ACS on the leg
Juzo Adjustable Compression System Light

Efficient and effective adjustable compression systems (compression levels up to 40 mmHg)
Art. J701LI, J702LI, J703LI, J704LI, J705LI, J706LI 

Woman wearing Juzo Compression Wrap
Juzo Compression Wrap

An adjustable compression system (compression levels 30-60 mmHg)
Art. 6000LF, 6000 LC, 6081

Juzo Liner
Juzo Liner

Liner stocking for Adjustable Compression Wraps (ACW)
Art. 6082

Juzo SoftCompress arm wrap
Juzo SoftCompress

Cushioning under the compression garment for oedema therapy
Art. 6823, 6822 (Upper extremity)
Art. 6831, 6830, 6821, 6820 (Lower extremity)

Juzo Pressure Monitor
Juzo Pressure Monitor

Easily measure the level of compression
Art. 9065 

Information about symptoms

A woman on a bar wearing compression stockings.


Lipoedema is a painful accumulation of fat cells in areas of the body such as the legs, buttocks, hips or arms.

A woman on a bar wearing compression stockings.


In lymphoedema, protein-rich lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue and is not properly removed by the body.