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Juzo – Freedom in Motion

Here at Juzo, we develop and manufacture next generation compression garments, supports and orthoses using state-of-the-art technology for vein treatment, oedema therapy, scar therapy and orthopaedics. Find out what makes our products special, learn about the high quality criteria they must fulfil, how our organisation is involved in the community and how people work at Juzo under the motto “Freedom in Motion.”

Our products

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Compression garments

Medical compression products must have the right fit. If you feel good, your compression garment becomes your ideal everyday companion.

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JuzoPro orthoses provide stabilisation, relief and guidance for affected or injured joints.

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JuzoFlex supports guide your affected joints in an anatomically correct way and thereby support them during movements.

Knit with a difference.

When we're creating something special,
ordinary isn't good enough.
That's how we're different.
We work passionately,
think differently.
What we do makes a Difference.

Trend Colours

Celebrate your cool colour revolution with the Trend Colours!

Make life a touch more colourful when you’re out and about. The vibrant Trend Colours are a welcome splash of colour that highlights your very own zest for life.  Liven up your compression garments and live out your individual style to the full!

You can look forward to these exciting colours: Purple Smash, Grey Bam, Blue Wham, Orange Pop, Yellow Wow and Petrol Boom.

Our product worlds

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Spice world

The colour spectrum for our compression garments (except supports & orthoses) is inspired by the incredible diversity of spice colours and scents.

Zeichnungen einiger X-Choice Produkte


Be impressed by our supports and orthoses with extra technology and functionality.

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Batik Collection 

Colourful variety for every day.

Dip Dye Collection

Dip Dye Collection

An inspiring colour gradient with wow effect.

We at Juzo