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More pressure – but still gentle

The washable and reusable Juzo SoftCompress bandaging aids and compression rolls are a good alternative to synthetic wadding and foam bandages in compression bandaging.

They are skin-friendly, durable and can significantly improve the treatment outcome. Juzo SoftCompress provide comfortable additional compression, padding and an ideal pressure distribution. The products are used as an effective treatment aid in oedema therapy. Vertically-stitched foam channels create pressure differences in the fabric that promote lymph drainage. This also prevents fibrosis of the connective tissue. Constriction caused by bandage borders is prevented while protecting the bends of the joints.


  • Skin-friendly and breathable
  • Surface area made from 100% cotton fabric
  • Core made from foam
  • Vertically-stitched foam channels
  • Washable up to 60 °C
  • Saves time when applying bandaging
  • Easier self-bandaging

Extensive product range

The comfortable Juzo SoftCompress Bandaging Aids can be worn under short-stretch bandages and/or compression stockings. They save time and make bandaging more effective. They also make it easier for the patient to self-manage the bandage. The thin and smooth Juzo SoftCompress Compression Rolls exert a compressive pressure when applied correctly. They uniformly distribute the pressure of the short-stretch bandage applied on top, thereby preventing constriction.

Juzo SoftCompress LymphAid and BandageAid. Unlike conventional sets, they also include the innovative Juzo SoftCompress Bandaging Aids or Compression Rolls.

Juzo SoftCompress

The LymphAid is also suitable for compression bandaging at home. It is provided with a ready-to-use bandaging aid, while the more cost-effective BandageAid includes the compression rolls.

Finally, we also offer Juzo SoftCompress additional products for compression bandages: these are special inserts or pads that are worn underneath compression bandages and are especially suited to creating a targeted increase in pressure for particularly localised oedemas.

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