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Use support stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis while travelling

Flying can be so easy: prevent deep vein thrombosis with the right support stockings from Juzo.

Support stockings and pantyhose for fashion-conscious women and stylish men: even the stars wear compression products – whilst travelling or on the red carpet. Juzo Light Line shapes legs, massages connective tissue and supports blood flow through the veins. There is no nicer way to promote health – in a variety of beautiful colours and ideal for air travel too.

The Juzo Allround special socks are your flexible and comfortable companion. With their Air Comfort sole and special padding, they are perfect for wearers of dressings, supports or orthoses. The Juzo Sensitiveee is particularly light and comfortable with a seamless toe and rubber-free leg band: ideal for people with diabetes or rheumatism.

Juzo Light Line 70 den/140 den

Elegance with effective support
Art. 5070 / 5140

Juzo Allround

With Air Comfort sole and special padding
Art. 9750

Juzo Sensitive

Seamless toe and rubber-free leg band
Art. 9751

Compressana Calypso

Elegance with a resting effect
Art. 7015, 7017, 7010, 9015, 9017, 9010, 9016