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Women is walking with a dog during the city wearing Juzo Spirit

Juzo Spirit

Women is walking with a dog during the city wearing Juzo Spirit

Juzo Spirit

Juzo Spirit pantyhouse

Juzo Spirit pantyhouse

Juzo Spirit tigh-high stocking

Juzo Spirit tigh-high stocking

Juzo Spirit, Farbe Mandel

Juzo Spirit below-knee stocking

Juzo Spirit product packaging

Juzo Spirit product packaging

Juzo Spirit

A fine and elegant look
Art. 2901 / 2902 

Thanks to the knitted fabric’s fine mesh design, Juzo Spirit is a true visual highlight. It is not only characterised by its subtle sheen but also by functional properties. In addition to its attractive look, the knitted fabric is also particularly breathable. Exclusively for Juzo Spirit, we offer three Fashion Colours, which are available in addition to the nine standard colours. Owing to its elastic soft toe and particularly smooth version of the border, it provides a high degree of wearing comfort. The special knit in the body part of Juzo Spirit creates a shaping effect – a real treat for the legs, and the wearer.

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Product information



  • Seamless
  • Fine
  • Glossy
  • Breathable
  • Elegant
  • Functional
  • Inconspicuous

Soft knit
Functional zone
Circular knit
Especially breathable
Fine mesh fabric
Standard sizes


Poppy seed
Black pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Friends are having a picnic.

Trend Colours 

Juzo Spirit is also available in our trend colours.

Three women are talking to each other.

Fashion Colours

Discover your favourite colours.

Two women are wearing Juzo compression garments.

Dip Dye Collection

An inspiring colour gradient with wow effect.

Instructions for use

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