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Juzo Expert Silver

Soft knitted fabric with antibacterial effect
Art. 3021 / 3022 / 3023 / 3024

Juzo Expert Silver not only offers compression but also has a natural antibacterial effect due to the knitted-in silver threads. Juzo Expert Silver restores the balance of inflamed or irritated skin and reduces itching. In addition, the silver thread regulates the heat balance between the knitted fabric and the skin, thus providing an increased wearing comfort.

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Product information



  • Especially recommended for patients with skin irritations
  • Flat and elastic seam
  • Soft, fine mesh knitted fabric
  • With open or closed toe
  • Juzo Expert Silver is also available with a silicone border
  • Not available on prescription
Flat seams

Product varieties

bermuda pants

Bermuda pants

Capri pants

Capri pants



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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Juzo Foot-toe-portions

Juzo Foot-toe-portions