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JuzoPro Epi

Epicondylitis brace
Art. 7502

JuzoPro Epi

Epicondylitis brace
Art. 7502

The epicondylitis brace ensures natural movements

With its stable material and nubbed, triangular padthat can be positioned anywhere, the JuzoPro Epi epicondylitis brace applies pressure to the forearm muscles. In this way, it relieves the insertion points of tendons and muscles and stimulates the muscle process as well as fasciae. Despite tennis arm or tennis elbow, natural movements remain possible without restrictions. Its touch fastener strap that can be adjusted on both sides features a particularly thin and sturdy metal diverting element that ensures secure support and perfectly effective pressure distribution

The touch fastener strap and closure tabs have been set into the plastic to ensure there won’t be any chafing points. The JuzoPro Epi is made of an easy-to-clean synthetic material and its skin-friendly padding can be removed for cleaning. The extra wide, structured pad of the epicondylitis brace prevents pressure sores and chafing and boosts lymphatic drainage. For ideal wearing comfort, the epicondylitis brace can also be heat-shaped to the anatomy of the wearer (e.g. using a heat gun/blow dryer).

Product information



  • Triangular, ergonomic friction pad can be positioned anywhere
  • Targeted relief of the muscle insertion point 
  • Stimulation of muscle process and fasciae 
  • Touch fastener strap with two diverting straps, for perfect length adaptation and adjustment
  • A metal diverting element is positioned centrally over the pad to ensure ideal pressure distribution 
  • Structured padding to boost lymphatic drainage
  • Inconspicuous, anatomical fit 
  • Skin-friendly materials 
  • Thermo-formable
  • All elements can be cleaned separately



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