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Side view of ankle with Juzo Malleo Strong

Pads conform perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer

Side view of ankle with Juzo Malleo Strong

Pads conform perfectly to the anatomy of the wearer

Ankle with JuzoPro Malleo Strong

Diagonal strap to prevent talar shift

Ankle with compressive undersock of the JuzoPro Malleo Strong

Compressive undersock

Ankle with medial stabilisation provided by JuzoPro Malleo Strong

Medial stabilisation

Ankle with JuzoPro Malleo Strong without compressive undersock

Without compressive undersock

JuzoPro Malleo Strong

Ankle orthosis with an open construction
Art. 7007

The strong support – even without shoes

Thanks to the medial reinforcing element made from aluminium, which is located on the inner side of the foot, the textile ankle orthosis JuzoPro Malleo Strong reliably stabilises the ankle. It also eliminates any pressure on the lateral malleolus. The desired degree of pronation (outward rotation of the limb) can be adjusted to individual requirements. A diagonal strap above the instep provides further security by preventing talar shift, i.e. a forward displacement of the talar bone. The separately worn compressive undersock relieves the ankle and counteracts swelling. The undersock and orthosis can also be used independently of one another.

Thanks to its open, breathable construction, JuzoPro Malleo Strong is very comfortable to wear. It is therefore also pleasant to use during times of physical activity. On account of its stabilising elements and ease of use, its applications are almost limitless: it can be used in all kinds of different ways – even without shoes.

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  • Functional design
  • Reliable stabilisation thanks to an anatomically-shaped aluminium splint (medial) that incorporates the forefoot
  • Individually adjustable fastening straps
  • Breathable materials wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Slim design, can be worn with almost any shoe
  • Comes with a compressive undersock
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