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Juzo ScarPrime

Postoperative compression garments

Juzo ScarPrime products are perfect for the postoperative transition phase of about four to six weeks. They have been specially developed for the treatment time immediately after surgery because custom-made compression garments are not yet suitable owing to fluctuations in circumference. Advantages of the Juzo ScarPrime knitted fabric compared to bandaging with short-stretch bandages are the high degree of wearing comfort and the fact that it is quick to put on and take off. Custom-made Juzo ScarComfort knitted fabrics should then be used for long-term care.

Juzo ScarPrime Light, leggings, black
Juzo ScarPrime Light

Garment for post-operative treatment, shortenable, made of innovative Clean-Cut material
Art. 4000

Juzo ScarPrime Seamless, short model, colour: Beige
Juzo ScarPrime Seamless

Seamless, easily available product for immediate treatment, in standard sizes
Art. 9058

 ScarPrime Direct, leggings (women) ,Black
Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Compression products in standard sizes for immediate treatment
Art. 3016