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Juzo Liner

Liner stocking for Adjustable Compression Wraps (ACW)
Art. 6082

Juzo Liner is a liner stocking without its own compression for Juzo ACS Light and Juzo Compression Wrap. It is gentle on sensitive skin and can help to improve hygiene. The Juzo Liner is used to fix the wound dressing in place if necessary, thus making it easier to put on and take off the Adjustable Compression Wraps.

In the case of the Juzo Liner Silver, an antibacterial silver thread is knitted into the product. This is ideally suited to people with extremely sensitive or vulnerable skin. 

Product information



  • To be worn underneath Adjustable Compression Wraps 
  • Skin protection, especially for patients with sensitive and stressed skin 
  • Securing wound dressings and pads 
  • Improving hygiene



Instructions for use

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