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Product image Arion Easy-Slide Leg
Arion Easy-Slide Leg

Donning aid for compression stockings/pantyhose with open toe
Art. 1702

Product image Arion Sim-Slide®
Arion Sim-Slide®

Donning and doffing aids for compression stockings/pantyhose with open toes
Art. 1705

Product image Donning and doffing aid
Juzo Easy Fit

Donning and doffing aid for compression stockings with open or closed toe
Art. 1890

Product image Juzo donning aid
Juzo Donning aid

The donning aid made out of smooth nylon fabric
Art. 1900

Product image Slippie
Juzo Slippie donning aid for compression stockings/pantyhose

The donning aid made from soft polyester
Art. 1896

Product image
Arion Easy-Off

Doffing aid for compression stockings and pantyhose with open or closed toes
Art. 1711