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Fashion Colours

Exclusively for Juzo Inspiration and Juzo Spirit

Brilliant Blue, Royal Red and Graceful Green are the Fashion Colours. Exclusively for Juzo Inspiration and Juzo Spirit, there are three hues that will make you shine on any occasion. You can now discover your personal favourite colours to go with your very own spirit.

Frau mit Handtasche steht an einer Treppe

Brilliant Blue: stylish brilliance to ensure you can skilfully and sensationally master any situation

Frau geht durch eine Türe

Royal Red: elegant subtlety with a wow effect for a breathtaking appearance

Frau lehnt an einem Geländer an und trägt Juzo Spirit

Graceful Green: creating your moment to shine with a graceful and attractive look

Juzo Inspiration

Lifestyle combined with an elegant design.

Juzo Spirit

A fine and elegant look for any occasion.

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The illustrated colours are based on the original product.