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Juzo Easy Fit

Donning and doffing aid for compression stockings with open or closed toe
Art. 1890

Juzo Easy Fit provides an effortless way of donning and doffing compression stockings.

Thanks to the comfortable long and curved handle, Juzo Easy Fit is very easy to use.
To put on the Juzo compression stocking, the patient rolls the stocking down the shaft until the seam of the heel is visible. The patient now slips the foot into the stocking, pulls the Juzo Easy Fit aid up to the knee and smooths the stocking into position in the usual manner while wearing rubber gloves.

The difference between Juzo Easy Fit and conventional donning aids is readily apparent when taking off the stocking:
first the patient steps back into the Juzo Easy Fit. The patient then rolls the edge of the compression stocking over the shaft and folds the novel clasping element upwards to step out of the compression stocking with ease.

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Product information



  • Available in two sizes
  • Particularly suitable for patients with restricted mobility 
  • Does not damage delicate skin 
  • Gentle on the stocking’s knitted fabric 
  • Easier to put on because the stocking is stretched beforehand 
  • Donning and doffing aid in one product 
  • Suitable for compression stockings with open or closed toe

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