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The Xtra fabric

Purchasing a Juzo product means that you know the value of “Made in Germany.” We combine more than 100 years of experience and know-how with next-generation knitting technology. Production using state-of-the-art technologies together with craftsmanship and passion makes our Xtra products unique in the segment for medical aids. For us, innovation begins where others reach their limits. We are only satisfied when our ideas become reality on our knitting machines. After all: patients and their needs are our main focus.

3D knitting technology

3D-Stricktechnik Juzo Xtra Produkt

All Juzo Xtra products provide maximum wearing comfort, for everyday activities as well as sports. The Xtra fabric with its various functional zones is created with our unique 3D knitting technology. This special technology ensures optimal moisture regulation and breathability, combined with maximised freedom of movement and support for joints and muscles.
The Xtra fabric is structured in such a way that the functional properties of the yarns complement each other and take on various tasks based on their location within the fabric. 3D knitting technology furthermore guarantees a perfect fit of the Juzo Xtra products. Forget uncomfortable pressure sores and skin irritation!

Progress • Design • Perfection

Xtra zone

  • Xtra function: a secure hold during every move you make – support without being constrictive. The elastic fabric makes donning the support super easy
  • Xtra comfort: our 3D fabric guarantees excellent comfort – say good-bye to uncomfortable pressure and friction points!

Ergonomic fit

  • The 3D knitting technology guarantees a great fit – also for special anatomic requirements
  • Excellent comfort for everyday use, for sports and at the office
  • Reduced pressure at the borders prevents constriction

Moisture wicking

Feuchtigkeitstransport im Juzo Xtra Gestrick

The polyamide fibres of the fabric are in direct contact with the skin
and create a pleasant body climate. The material has the distinctive advantage
that it absorbs moisture quickly and allows it to evaporate just as fast. Moisture is transported away from the skin via the fibres to the layer of micro yarn just above. The many tiny filaments of this functional micro yarn attract moisture like a magnet. It is transported outward to finally evaporate via the surface of the support.

Functionality • Compliance • Comfort

Medical flat-knitted fabric

  • Precise therapeutic compression
  • Additional muscle stimulation
  • Less compression at rest for more comfort



  • The Xtra fabric ensures breathability and heat control
  • Latex-free – which makes the fabric anti-allergenic and durable
  • Resistant to sunlight and ointments

Unrivalled technical innovations

Gestricktechnologie bei Juzo Xtra Produkten

We have everything we need to offer the very best products: we know the material, we are aware of the needs and requirements of our patients and most importantly: we know how to make the most of our technology. Our know-how allows us to push the envelope when it comes to knitting technology. A product must be 100% perfect for patients to actually wear it regularly – and only then can it achieve its full potential in terms of medical efficacy.


Users of supports/orthoses use less pain medication: patients report a definite improvement in their quality of life. A representative survey by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research has confirmed these findings. According to the survey, the majority of patients see the effects of using their medical aids as positive or very positive.

Xtra products: Supports with Xtra fabric

Our Juzo Xtra products help patients along the path back to full capability following an injury. And they protect the joints to prevent further damage. Thanks to their special functional zones and clever design, they adapt perfectly to the user’s movements and offer maximum wearing comfort. All Juzo Xtra supports are easy to put on and take off, skin-friendly, breathable and latex-free.

Produktbild Handbandage JuzoFlex Manu Xtra

JuzoFlex Manu Xtra

Wrist support with stabilisation rod

Produktbild Ellbogenbandage JuzoFlex Epi Xtra

Epi Xtra

Elbow support with silicone pads

Produktbild Kniebandage JuzoFlex Genu  Xtra

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

Knee support with special stretch zone

Produktbild Sprunggelenkbandage JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra

JuzoFlex Malleo Xtra

Ankle support with silicone pads

Produktbild Sprunggelenkbandage JuzoFlexMalleo Xtra Strong

JuzoFlexMalleo Xtra Strong

Ankle support with silicone pads and strap elements

Produktbild Sprunggelenkbandage JuzoFlex Achill Xtra

JuzoFlex Achill Xtra

Achilles tendon support with silicone insert

Xtra STYLE: Supports in neon colours

Sporty and active with STYLE! A stylish outfit can boost your motivation and make your training more fun. And just like sportswear, supports are expected to offer a perfect fit, high functionality and trendy colours. Our products will make you want to get moving! The knee and elbow supports with Xtra fabric are also available in NEON colours.

Dynamic Look • Perfect fit • Knitted-in features

Kniebandage JuzoFlex GenuXtra Wide Ionic Blue

Genu Xtra STYLE

Knee supports in 3 neon colours


  • Elasticity and perfect fit
  • Anti-allergenic and breathable
  • Comfortable and relieving
  • Soothing and pain-relieving
  • Flexible and adaptable
Bandage Epi Xtra Style in Glowing Green

Epi Xtra STYLE

Elbow supports in 3 neon colours


  • Comfort during bending
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Comfortable over long periods
  • Massage effect
  • Comfortable edges

Exciting Design • Popular Neon Colours • Individual Style

The elbow support JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE and the knee support JuzoFlex Genu Xtra STYLE are available in the colours Pink Heat, Glowing Green and Dark Blue Sensation. 

Pink Heat

When light becomes function, you can feel the heat of pink. An energising warmth surrounds you and drives you pulsatingly forward. Don’t let anything hold you back! 

Glowing Green

When light becomes function, green begins to glow. A new kind of energy motivates you and gives you that extra kick of freshness.

Dark Blue Sensation

When light becomes function, blue has an electrifying effect. Let this colour energise you – like the beat of electronic music.

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.