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JuzoFlex Wrist support

Slip-on wrist support
Art. 3022

JuzoFlex Wrist support

Slip-on wrist support
Art. 3022

Inconspicuous yet effective

The JuzoFlex Wrist Support is a medical aid that conforms to the shape of the wrist in an unobtrusive and inconspicuous yet very effective manner to provide soothing and supportive relief. This latex-free compression segment exerts a therapeutic compression and is also available with cotton as a custom-made solution (JuzoFlex Wrist Support Cotton). It is recommended for use in particular in the early stages of excessive strain on the wrist, or after the removal of plaster casts.

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  • Slip-on design
  • Also available with cotton (JuzoFlex Wrist Support Cotton)
Flat knit
With cotton
Standard sizes



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Instructions for use

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