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Juzo Ulcer Pro

The compression stocking system for the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Art. 3073

A system for therapeutic success

Using its long-standing experience as a manufacturer of compression garments and working in close collaboration with medical experts and therapists, Juzo has developed a compression stocking system that makes it easier to treat patients with venous leg ulcers.
Special characteristics: The Juzo Ulcer Pro set comprises two types of compression stockings which complement each other perfectly.

Juzo Ulcer Liner
This high-quality, circular-knitted compression stocking can be worn day and night on the affected leg for continuous compression.

  • Compression class 1, therefore easy to slip on and take off
  • Protects sensitive skin when slipping on the Juzo Ulcer Expert over-stocking
  • Secure fixation of wound dressings and pads
  • Outside seam protects sensitive skin in the toe area
  • Special heel and instep marking facilitates exact positioning
  • 6 standard sizes
  • Individual custom-made items

Juzo Ulcer Expert
This high-quality flat-knitted compression stocking is worn over the Juzo Ulcer Liner during the day to increase the level of compression.

  • Compression class 2
  • Flat-knitted material: high working pressure, low resting pressure*
  • 6 standard sizes
  • Individual custom-made items


For the start of therapy when there are leg circumference fluctuations: 
Adjustable Compression Wraps (ACW) 

Unfortunately not available in the following country:

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Juzo Ulcer Pro

The standard or made-to-measure compression stocking system comprises:

1 Juzo Ulcer Expert over-stocking

  • Flat knit, CCL 2
  • Open toes
  • Colour: Beige

2 Juzo Ulcer Liner under-stockings

  • Circular knit, CCL 1
  • Closed toes
  • Colour: White


Juzo Ulcer Pro Add

This replacement set contains:

Replacement set for standard sizes

3 Juzo Ulcer Liner under-stockings

  • Circular knit, CCL 1
  • Closed toes
  • Colour: White

Replacement set for custom-made items

2 Juzo Ulcer Liner under-stockings

  • Circular knit, CCL 1
  • Closed toes
  • Colour: White


Flat knit
Circular knit



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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