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Juzo Slippie Leg

The donning aid made from tear-resistant TYVEK
Art. 1901

Juzo Slippies have been specially developed for open-toe compression stockings and pantyhose. The donning aid is suitable for nearly all foot sizes and legs. Made from tear-resistant TYVEK, it provides a very smooth surface.

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Product information



  • Superior smoothness
  • Suitable for almost any foot size
  • Suitable for nearly all legs

Dress information

Below-knee stockings

Thigh stockings

Instructions part 1

To put on the stockings simply pull the Slippie over the foot.

Instructions part 2

Double up the compression stocking, stretch it out and slip your foot into the stocking right up to the heel.

Instructions part 3

Turn over the foot section and pull it over the heel.

Instructions part 4

Slide the whole stocking upwards towards the knee while using a flat hand to shape it to the leg at the same time. Do not pull on the top band as you do this!

Instructions part 5

You can now pull the donning aid forward out of the stocking.

Instructions part 6

Now the stocking sits in the perfect position.