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Juzo ScarPrime Direct knitted fabric

Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Juzo ScarPrime Direct knitted fabric

Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Compression products for the post-operative interim phase
Art. 3016

The Juzo ScarPrime Direct leggings are available in six standard sizes (1 to 6). They are particularly easy to put on and take off, thanks to the thigh zipper. The high cut with waist band additionally increases wearing comfort.  

Juzo ScarPrime Direct products have been specially developed for the four to six week interim phase after surgery. They are also used to stabilise the result of the procedure.

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Product information



  • Perfect wearing comfort, thanks to flat and elastic seams on the outside
  • Significant freedom of movement
  • Soft and smooth knitted fabric
  • Exceptionally skin-friendly
  • Medically effective compression: 20 – 23 mmHg
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Latex-free and breathable materials
  • UV Protection Factor UPF 80 in accordance with UV Standard 801
Standard sizes
Flat knit

Product varieties

  • Zipper on left and right
  • Waist band
  • Small mesh gusset



The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

Instructions for use

You can find the instructions for your product here.

If you have any impairment that makes it difficult for you to read or understand the instructions for use, please contact our customer service at info@juzo.com

Care instructions

Please note the care instructions on the textile label sewn into your Juzo compression garment or the information printed on the inside. 

If possible, your compression garments should be washed every day on a gentle or delicate wash cycle (40°C). Tip: a laundry net provides additional protection for the knitted fabric. Please do not use fabric softener!

Dress information

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Juzo ScarComfort arm

Juzo ScarComfort

Thanks to their effective pressure, Juzo ScarComfort medical compression garments have a positive impact on the characteristics of the scar.