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Compression stockings and compression pantyhose for oedema therapy

Effective support for your legs

For lipoedema, lymphoedema or water retention after surgery: Juzo Expert products are characterised by a premium fit for maximised mobility, pleasant wearing-comfort and optimal compression. Compression garments for the legs must provide the perfect fit as the desired effect can only be achieved if you enjoy and often wear your compression stockings or compression pantyhose. As an added benefit, compression garments are available in a wide variety of trendy and wearable colours that mix and match perfectly.

Juzo Expert

Pleasantly soft for an individually tailored treatment

Art. 3021 / 3022 / 3023 / 3024

Juzo Expert Silver

Soft knitted fabric with antibacterial effect

Art. 3021 / 3022 / 3023 / 3024

Juzo Expert Cotton

Extra soft for sensitive skin

Art. 3021 / 3022 / 3023

Juzo Expert Strong

Reliable and strong garments for lymphology

Art. 3051 / 3052 / 3053 / 3054

Juzo Expert Strong Cotton

Strong with natural fibres

Art. 3052 / 3053

Juzo Expert Strong Silver

Strong with antibacterial effect

Art. 3051 / 3052 / 3053 / 3054