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Intensive and reliable compression stockings

Juzo Move and Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton) offer powerful support

Reliable, durable and sophisticated: here everyone will find the ideal circular-knitted stocking for high demands and special requirements during treatment.

The Juzo Move offers optimal comfort, versatility and durability. Thanks to its unique and patented knit, it slides over the foot effortlessly and is particularly easy to put on and take off. 

Juzo Dynamic combines a subtle mesh design with exceptional durability, thanks the dense fabric.

Juzo Dynamic Silver has an antibacterial effect, owing to the silver thread knitted into the fabric, which helps to restore the natural balance of inflamed or irritated skin.

Cotton on the inside of the Juzo Dynamic Cotton ensures pleasant wearing comfort and a gentle feeling on the skin, especially in cases of irritated skin or allergies.

Juzo Move

Patented knit for easy donning and doffing
Art. 3611, 3612

Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton)

Reliably durable
Art. 3511 / 3512 / 3513

Juzo Ulcer Pro

The compression stocking system for the treatment of venous leg ulcers
Art. 3073

Juzo Compression Wrap

An adjustable compression system (compression levels 30-60 mmHg)
Art. 6000LF / 6000 LC / 6081

Juzo Ulcer System

The efficient system for treating venous leg ulcers
Art. 3573, 2561

Juzo Liner Silver

With antibacterial effect, versatile use
Art. 9640