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Woman with compression sleeve

 Compression sleeve with silicone border

Woman with compression sleeve

 Compression sleeve with silicone border

Compression sleeve with hand portion

Sleeve and hand portion, one-piece

Compression sleeves with top border

Compression sleeves with top border

Compression sleeve shoulder and strap

Shoulder and strap 

Bra fastening with silicone support

Silicone support at the extended shoulder cap

Compression sleeves with bra fastening

Bra fastening

bolero connection

Sleeve with bolero connection

Compression Sleeves with Bolero connection

Compression sleeves with Bolero connection

Juzo Compression sleeves

Individual, custom-made garments for oedema therapy
Art. 3021 / 3022 / 3023 / 3051 / 3052 / 3053 

Juzo offers individual, custom-made compression sleeves for oedema therapy.

Compression garments for lymphoedemas

The compression items from Juzo have a wide variety of applications. For example, it is common for an arm lymphoedema to form after breast surgery due to damage to the lymph vessels and the removal of lymph nodes. Compression therapy is an essential component of every therapy following lymphatic drainage. The compression with its strong massage effect helps maintain the reduced arm circumference achieved by manual lymphatic drainage.

Product information



  • Individual solutions through custom-made garments
  • Easy to slip on and take off
  • Controlled compression
  • Optimal skin protection
  • Flat seams
  • Ointment proof


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Black pepper

The illustrated colours are based on the original product.

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Trend Colours

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3 Ladies with Fashion Colours

Fashion Colours

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Woman wearing the Juzo Batik Collection

Batik Collection

Our Batik Collection is perfect for anyone, who takes pride in a fashionable appearance. Our custom dye process makes each one of our medical compression products completely unique.

two girls with dip dye

Dip Dye Collection

Great news for trend-setters! We have a new colouring technique that will emphasise your individual style. Be inspired by Dip Dye.

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