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2nd Swiss Lymphology Symposium

Lipoedema – the condition
Primary lymphoedema and lymphatic malformations in children and young people

19.09.2020 - Zurich, Switzerland

Dear colleagues and friends of lymphology, 

Lymphology comprises an extensive interdisciplinary and interprofessional field. That is why our 2nd Swiss Lymphology Symposium will also be very varied.

The main topic will be the condition of lipoedema. Everyone is currently talking about lipoedema and there are regular articles in the press. Compared with this, however, the state of relevant studies and established findings are somewhat rare from a medical and scientific perspective. This is why we would like to focus on the condition of lipoedema in all its aspects, from a patient’s perspective, both current non-surgical treatment as well as surgical treatment options. We also want to discuss the condition as a form of chronic pain disorder as well as the consequences of obesity in our society. 

Primary or hereditary lymphoedema as well as lymphatic malformations in young people will also be a central part of the Symposium. These are rare, even for specialists, and we would like to provide you with a greater understanding of the aspects of this condition.

I look forward to an exciting day of in-service training and to many participants joining the discussions.


Best wishes, 
Dr. med. Stephan Wagner

Dr. med. Stephan Wagner

Yours faithfully, Eberhard Rabe


Dr. med. Felix Angst, MPH

Research Department 
RehaClinic Bad Zurzach 
5330 Bad Zurzach, Switzerland

Thiha Aung

Junior Doctor 
Department of Plastic, 
Hand and Reconstructive Surgery 
Regensburg University Hospital 
93053 Regensburg, Germany

Christina Casanova, lic.phil.

Psych. Specialist Psychologist 
for Psychotherapy, FSP 
7000 Chur, Switzerland

Dr. med. Meinolf Dorka

FMH Surgeon, SGP Phlebologist, Vascular Surgeon, Lymphologist, Specialist for Endoluminal Thermoablation of the Skin. Veins. Allergy. 
Zentrum Brunnehof 
8610 Uster, Switzerland

Dr. med. Jörg Eimers

Insurance Medicine Consultant 
Specialist for General Medicine (D) 
SGV Medical Officer, Member of the Board 
6038 Gisikon, Switzerland

Marlene Klima

Ambassador for FRAUENSACHE – Deine starke Seite 
The platform for living with lipoedema 
86551 Aichach, Germany

Dr. med. Denise Luchsinger

Senior Doctor, Angiology 
Baden Canton Hospital 
5404 Baden, Switzerland 
Bad Zurzach RehaClinic 
5330 Bad Zurzach, Switzerland


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Dr. med. Susanne Maurer

Adimed – Centre for Obesity 
and Metabolic Medicine, Winterthur 
Zermed – Centre for Nutrition Medicine 
FMH Internal Medicine / Sports and 
Nutrition Medicine 
Licensed Delegated Psychotherapist, FMPP 
Managing Director 
8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Surgical Practice 
4537 Wiedlisbach / Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Michio Ozeki

Department of Pediatrics 
Graduate School of Medicine 
Gifu University 
Gifu, Japan


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Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Rössler

Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 
Bern University Hospital, Inselspital 
3010 Bern, Switzerland

PD Dr. med. Mario Scaglioni

Senior Consultant 
Specialist for Plastic, Reconstructive 
and Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery 
Lucerne Canton Hospital 
6004 Luzern, Switzerland

Dr. med. Stephan Wagner

Senior Consultant, Angiology 
Bad Zurzach RehaClinic 
5330 Bad Zurzach, Switzerland

Impressions from the 2nd Swiss Lymphology Symposium