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Juzo Slippie Arm

Donning aid for compression sleeves and elbow supports
Art. 1902

Juzo Slippie donning aid for the arm makes it easy to put on compression sleeves and elbow supports. It is very smooth and consists of tear-resistant material.

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Product information



  • Tear-resistant material
  • Superior smoothness

Dress information

Slippie fitting instructions part 1

Simply slip your arm into the Slippie donning aid to fit the compression sleeve.

Slippie fitting instructions part 2

Now carefully slide the compression sleeve over the tip of the donning aid. The easiest way is to wear a rubber glove on the other hand.

Slippie fitting instructions part 3

Keep pulling the compression sleeve over the Slippie donning aid. Use the other hand to position the sleeve for a good personal fit.

Slippie fitting instructions part 4

Once the compression sleeve is in the correct position, take the loop at the end of the Slippie donning aid and hang it over a door handle or another securely fixed object and pull the donning aid out from under the compression sleeve. Now the sleeve sits in the perfect position.